Help Hang Art for the Art Show!

From Suzanne Graceffa:

To anyone who wants to help hang art-
I started hanging art for the show today. Mrs. Gorrusso has a drawer for each class. You can grab a class and put it up as you have time. She wants everything hung in a class grouping and for the classes to go alphabetically from Tompkins by cafeteria all the way to Ahearn by the media center. If you are hanging on the wall Diego has requested you use blue painters tape. The only problem is that it is not all that strong. So you’ll need 6 – 9 tape circles on the back. I only did 5 and my stuff started to fall. I may have to go back and reinforce later. You can staple to the bulletin boards and use masking tape on the glass. She said I hung things a little closer together than she’d like, but generally this is about what she’s looking for.