Looking for Volunteers for Teacher Appreciation Week Activities

Next week we will need help if anyone is available! Contact Michelle Gurner at mdgurner(at)yahoo(dot)com to lend a hand with any of the activities below. Thank you for helping to make this a SUPER week for our teachers!

Wednesday during lunch shifts: We will have an Appreciation Station set up at lunch where students can write notes to teachers and staff. We will need help keeping the station under control as well as organizing all of the notes so they get to the correct person.

Thursday 12:00 (Michelle Gurner’s house): We will be packing and wrapping all of the succulents for the Mother’s Day Sale. There are 500 of these beauties so the more the merrier.

Friday @ Mother’s Day Sale: We will need help throughout the day help the students shop for the perfect plant.

WEDNESDAY & FRIDAY: We will have food in the lounge for the teachers and staff. If anyone available to pop in during the day to help clean up the lounge, it would be greatly appreciated.