The first School Store is Friday, October 5! Pre-payments or cash accepted!


The first School Store will be on Friday, October 5. The School Store is a fundraiser for the 5th Grade class and helps fund graduation and the field trips they will take this school year. The School Store will be open approximately once a month in the main hallway during recess. 1st – 5th graders can shop on their way to recess. Pre-payments will be accepted! Details below. The pre-payment form is available HERE and it, along with pre-payment (cash or check made out to CASH), is due October 4.

Because mornings can be hectic, we’re sure everyone’s had days when we intended to give our children money to shop but then either forgot or didn’t have cash on hand. With the option of pre-paying, you can set the maximum amount that your child can spend per visit. The School Store will be open 8 times this year. 75% of the items are $1 or less. There are no items over $3. Any money not spent during the school year will be returned after the last School Store in May. Your child can always bring cash the day of the School Store!

If you’d like to pre-pay for your child, please complete the form HERE and submit it and payment by October 4. Pre-payment can be cash or checks made out to CASH.

Thank you for your support of our 5th graders, and a BIG THANK YOU to Suzanne Graceffa and Michelle Gurner for coordinating and managing this program!