Random Acts of Kindness Week is February 19-25

McKinley is celebrating Random Acts of Kindness Week February 19-25! Each day, we are asking everyone to do acts of kindness:

  • Tuesday, February 19: Be kind to your teacher or staff member. Write a note, draw a picture or do something that shows your appreciation.
  • Wednesday, February 20: Celebrate “Fairfield Kindness Day.” Read or do an activity with a lower grade in the Kindness Corner.
  • Thursday, February 21: Be kind to your classmates or other students on your grade level. Sit with someone that you wouldn’t usually sit with at lunch, give someone a compliment, help a classmate, or play a game with a classmate during recess.
  • Friday, February 22: Be kind to our school environment. Clean up after yourself, don’t waste paper, put items in the recycling bin.
  • Saturday and Sunday, February 23 and 24: Be kind to your family. Help your parents, a brother or a sister, or relatives.
  • Monday, February 25: Attend Family Kindness Night 6:30-8 P.M. in the cafeteria. More info here.