Sign Up for McKinley Wakeman Spring Programs by March 26

Registration for spring Wakeman programs at McKinley School is open! Deadline to register is March 26. REGISTRATION FORMS ARE AVAILABLE IN THE FLYER SPINNER IN THE FRONT OFFICE OR DOWNLOAD IT HEREClasses run 4/1/19 through 6/6/6, depending on class. Classes offered include:

  • Spring Into Arts ($50): For grades 1-2, Mondays, 3:25-4:30pm. We Spring into Art, draw inspiration from nature and embark on a journey into the elements of art. Using various art and crafts mediums such as paint, pencils, watercolors, collages, kids will create a NEW project each week. Spark your creativity and imagination in our class where everyone can get in touch with their inner artist. 8 classes (4/1 – 6/3).
  • Chess & Board Games Club ($50): For grades 1-5, Wednesdays, 3:25-4:30pm. Back this spring by popular demand! Kids will quickly grasp the game of chess by playing with other kids and Wakeman staff. Kids may choose among 10+ games like Checkers, Jenga, UNO, Dominoes, Sorry and Hedbanz to play during the last 20 minutes of each week’s class. No chess experience needed! 9 classes (4/3-6/5).
  • Wonder STEM ($55): For grades 1-2, Thursdays, 3:25-4:30pm. Ever ​Wonder​ how things work? This class brings STEM to life with hands on exploration and experiments. We explore the scientific method with Bird Adaptations, test Newton’s Laws with Balloon Bowling, design and launch a catapult and explore science through various other activities using the Dallas Afterschool Wonder Kits curriculum. 9 classes (4/4-6/6).
  • STEM Goes Green ($55): For grades 3-5, Thursdays, 3:25-4:30pm. Go Green with STEM, Mr. Lowry and our teen STEM gurus. We’ll discover solar power, tinker in the “trash”, create recycled art and explore nature while using science, technology, art, math and of course – FUN!. 9 classes (4/4-6/6).
  • Soccer Fanatics ($50): For grades 1-5*, Mondays, 3:25-4:30pm. Coach Howard and our Wakeman staff return with more soccer and fitness skills through games, drills, skills and challenges for a fun, high energy weekly workout.. Note: c​lass size will be reduced in spring session. 8 classes (4/1-6/3).
  • Zig Zag Zoom Sports ($55): For grades 1-5*, Wednesdays, 3:25-4:30pm. Tag games, relay races, scooter fun and more brings endless fun through our favorite games and recent discoveries, including games that kids can learn to play with minimal equipment in their own neighborhoods. 9 classes (4/3-6/5).
  • Indoor Tennis ($55): For grades 1-5*, Thursdays, 3:25-4:30pm. Tennis season is here and so are we! Real tennis – indoors – with real racquets, special tennis balls and nets. Have a blast learning tennis basics and practicing with friends under Coach Howard’s guidance in partnership with USTA.9 classes (4/4-6/6).