Welcome to the New McKinley School PTA E-Newsletter!

newsletter-iconWelcome to the new McKinley School PTA weekly e-newsletter! Every Friday during the school year, the e-newsletter will be distributed via email. The e-newsletter is a collection of the previous week’s News Posts and Events posted on our new McKinley School PTA website at If you’re seeing this post via e-newsletter, thank you for subscribing! If you’re seeing this post at, please sign up to receive the e-newsletter by clicking “Follow” in the bottom right corner of any page on the site. And if you don’t see the e-newsletter in your inbox, be sure to check your Junk folder and mark the email as “Not Junk” and sender as “Safe.”

The website and e-newsletter are works in progress and will continue to improve with time and as new features are introduced. In addition to the website, you can find the latest information on our Facebook group page. This closed group is just for McKinley School families. Click here to join. With such a variety of modern communications tools, there are so many ways to stay up to date with what’s happening in the McKinley School PTA. This is the perfect time to opt out of Friday Folders. Save trees and our PTA volunteers’ time so they can focus on the wonderful programming the PTA offers! See the label on your child’s Friday Folder for opt out information.

Thank you for your attention. It’s going to be another great year at McKinley School!

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