About Us

The McKinley School Parent and Teacher Association (PTA) is a very dynamic involved group of volunteers who are dedicated to enhancing student education, advocating for children and serving the McKinley community. As a non-profit organization, we work in accordance with the Connecticut PTA and the National PTA – the largest volunteer child advocacy association in the United States. Every person who joins the McKinley School PTA automatically becomes a member of both the Connecticut and National PTAs.

The McKinley School PTA embodies our school’s motto, “We are Family.”


We serve as a forum in which parents and teachers can discuss ways “… to promote quality education, strive to expand the arts, encourage community involvement, and work for a healthy environment.”

We promote the welfare of children at McKinley and our community.

We strive to bring into closer relation the home and the school so that parents and teachers may cooperate and collaborate more fully in each child’s education.

We derive our strength from members who represent a diversity of cultures, a variety of religious and political beliefs, and many ethnic backgrounds.

We support and sponsor, in collaboration with the McKinley faculty, curriculum-based programs, cultural arts performances, and many family social events.

We invite you to join us in our efforts to enrich our children’s lives and enhance our community.